Optical/Photonic Interconnects for Computing Systems


29th March 2019, Florence, Italy
In Conjunction with Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference

General Chairs

Jiang Xu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Mahdi Nikdast, Colorado State University
Gabriela Nicolescu, Polytechnique Montréal

Program Chair

Sébastien Le Beux, Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology

Technical Program Committee

Alan Mickelson, University of Colorado Boulder
Ayse Coskun, Boston University
Nikos Hardavellas, Northwestern University
Olivier Sentieys, INRIA - University of Rennes 1
Tohru Ishihara, Kyoto University
Yaoyao Ye, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
José Abellán, Universidad Católica de Murcia
Yoan Léger, CNRS – FOTON

Final Program

08:30 Introduction to OPTICS
Jiang Xu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Session I: From System Level Simulations to Silicon Photonic Circuit Fabrication
Chair: Sébastien Le Beux, Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology

08:40 KEYNOTE: EPDA for EPSoC Design: from Co-simulation to Photonic Circuit Generators
Vladimir Stojanovic, UC Berkeley

09:40 MPW services for Photonics & ICs prototyping
François Berthollet, CMP

10:00 Coffee Break and Posters

Session II: Silicon Photonics for on-Chip Interconnects, IO and Computing
Chair: Ian O'Connor, ECL

10:30 3µm and 12µm SOI Platforms for Optical Interconnects and I/O Coupling
Timo Aalto, VTT

10:50 Electronics-Photonics Integration in Advanced CMOS Platforms Using a Photonics Module: a Transceiver Application in 65nm Bulk CMOS
Fabio Pavanello, IMEC

11:10 Silicon Photonics for advanced Neuromorphic Computing
Bert Offrein, IBM Zurich

11:30 Integrated Optical Neural Networks Exploiting Light Speed Approximate Parallel Multipliers
Jun Shiomi, Kyoto University

11:50 Poster Presentation I
Design Automation for Wavelength-Routed Optical NoCs
Tsun-Ming Tseng, Ulf Schlichtmann, TUM

High-Radix Nonblocking Integrated Optical Switching Fabric for Data Center
Zhifei Wang, Jiang Xu, Peng Yang, et al., HKUST

Integrated Spiking Nanolaser
Maxime Delmulle, Sylvain Combrié, Fabrice Raineri, Alfredo De Rossi, Thales and Research Technology and C2N

RSON: an Inter/Intra-Chip Silicon Photonic Network for Rack-Scale Computing Systems
Peng Yang, Zhifei Wang, Zhehui Wang, Jiang Xu, HKUST

Hardware Emulation Platform of Optical Network-on-Chip
Lucien Del Bosque, Ian O'ConnoR, Sébastien Le Beux, ECL

BOSIM: Holistic Optical Switch Models for Silicon Photonic Networks
Xuanqi Chen, Zhifei Wang, Yi-Shing Chang, et al., HKUST and Intel

Stochastic Computing with Integrated Optics
Hassnaa El-Derhalli, Sébastien Le Beux, Sofiene Tahar, Concordia University

12:00 Lunch Break and Posters

Session III: New Devices for New Architectures
Chair: Yvain Thonnart, CEA LETI

13:20 Recent Advances in Silicon Photonics
Laurent Vivien, C2N

13:40 III-V Semiconductor on Silicon Nanodevices for High Performance Computing
Fabrice Raineri, Paris-Sud University

14:00 Hardware-software Co-design of Optical Neural Networks
Zheng Zhao, Zhoufeng Ying, Ray T. Chen, David Z. Pan, The University of Texas at Austin

14:20 Poster Presentation II
FODON: Ultra-High-Radix Low-Loss Optical Switching Fabric
Zhifei Wang, Zhehui Wang, Jiang Xu, et al., HKUST

All-optical Sampling with Hybrid III-V on Silicon Nano-resonators for Photonic Computing
Léa Constans, Sylvain Combrié, Fabrice Raineri and Alfredo De Rossi, Thales and Research Technology and C2N

MOCA: an Inter/Intra-Chip Optical Network for Memory
Zhehui Wang, Jiang Xu, Zhifei Wang, et al., HKUST

Enabling System-Level Design with Optical Nrworks-On-Chip Through Architecture Integration and Topology Synthesis
Mahdi Tala, Maddalena Nonato, Oliver Schrape, et al., University of Ferrara and IHP Microelectronics

Quantitative Analysis of Optical/Electrical Interconnects and Optical-Electrical Interfaces
Zhehui Wang, Jiang Xu, Zhifei Wang, et al., HKUST

Light Up Your Many Core
Clément Zrounba, Sébastien Le Beux, Ian O'Connor, ECL

Crosstalk Noise Reduction through Adaptive Power Control in Inter/Intra-Chip Optical Networks
Luan Huu Kinh Duong, Peng Yang, Zhifei Wang, et al., HKUST

14:30 Coffee Break and Posters

Session IV: Toward Large Scale on-Chip Optical Interconnects
Chair: Tohru Ishihara, Nagoya University

15:00 Designing Large-Scale Photonic Integrated Circuits
Umar Khan, IMEC

15:20 EDA for WRONoCs: from Topology to Physical Design, and Breaking Down Barriers
Ulf Schlichtmann, TUM

15:40 A System-Level Perspective on Silicon Photonic Network-on-Chips
Aditya Narayan, Boston University

16:00 ONoCs: from Offline Optimization to Run Time Adaptability
Cédric Killian, IRISA/INRIA

16:20 Panel: Bringing on-Chip Optical Interconnects into the Real World
Moderator: Davide Bertozzi, University of Ferrara

Vladimir Stojanovic, UC Berkeley
Yvain Thonnart, CEA LETI
Bert Offrein, IBM Zurich
Laurent Vivien, C2N

Ian O'Connor, ECL

17:20 Concluding Remarks and Closing Session
Sébastien Le Beux, Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology

19:00 OPTICS Networking Dinner
Fuoco Matto
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