Optical/Photonic Interconnects for Computing Systems


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Yeyu Tong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou)
Luca Ramini, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Minkyu Kim, IMEC


Yoojin Ban,IMEC
Zeqin Lu , ANSYS
Qinfen Hao , CCITA
Duanni Huang , INTEL
Benjamin G. Lee, NVIDIA
Woo-Young Choi,Yonsei University
Marco Sampietro ,Politecnico di Milano
S. J. Ben Yoo,University of California Davis
Alexandre Truppel,Technical University of Munich
Bassem Tossoun , Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Bin Shi,Eindhoven University of Technology
David Z. Pan,University of Texas at Austin
Andrea Melloni , Politecnico di Milano
Bhavin Shastri , Queen’s University
Pieter Dumon, Luceda Photonics

Final Program

Day 1: Wednesday November 8th, 2023, Central European Time(CET)

5:00pm Workshop Opening

Session #1
Exploring Photonic Technologies/Circuits for High Performance Computing and AI applications I

Chair: Ahsan Alam, ANSYS, Canada

5:10pm Integrated electronics tailored for integrated photonic
Marco Sampietro ,Politecnico di Milano,Italy

5:30pm Energy-Efficient Integrated Photonics for Next-Generation Computing
Bassem Tossoun,Hewlett Packard Enterprise,USA

5:50pm Photonic AI via Cross-layer Circuit-Architecture-Algorithm Co-design
David Z. Pan,University of Texas at Austin,USA

6:10pm Neuromorphic Silicon Photonics and Applications from Classical to Quantum
Bhavin Shastri,Queen’s University,Canada

6:30pm Break

Session #2
Future High-Capacity Optical Interconnects and Advanced Electronic-Photonic Co-Design

Chair: Mahdi Nikdast, Colorado State University(CSU), USA

6:45pm Scaling Accelerated Computing with Photonics
Benjamin G. Lee,NVIDIA,USA

7:05pm Silicon photonic WDM transceiver with integrated lasers and SOA for optical I/O
Duanni Huang,Intel,USA

7:25pm 3D Electronic-Photonic Integrated Circuits for future high-performance AI applications
Ben Yoo,University of California Davis,USA

7:45pm Modeling electro-optical integrated circuits using Verilog-A
Zeqin Lu,ANSYS,Canada

8:05pm Day 1 workshop closing

Day 2: Thursday November 9th, 2023, Central European Time(CET)

1:00pm Workshop Opening

Session #3
Advances in Photonic Design Automation and Co-packaged Optics Standards

Chair: Jiang Xu, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou), China

1:10pm Electronics-friendly Si Ring Modulator Models
Woo-Young Choi,Yonsei University,Korea

1:30pm The Technology Challenge in Practice around China CPO Standard
Qinfen Hao,CCITA,China

1:50pm Functional verification of advanced photonic ICs
Pieter Dumon, Luceda Photonics,Belgium

2:10pm Accurate Infinite-Order Crosstalk Calculation for Optical Networks-on-Chip
Alexandre Truppel,Technical University of Munich,Germany

2:30pm Break

Session #4
Exploring Photonic Technologies/Circuits for High Performance Computing and AI applications II

Chair: Marco Fiorentino, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, USA

2:45pm Silicon photonics technologies for next-generation computing
Yoojin Ban,IMEC,Belgium

3:05pm Massive parallelisms for WDM-based photonic integrated convolutional processor
Bin Shi,Eindhoven University of Technology,Netherland

3:25pm Self-adaptive photonic integrated processors for communication and computing
Andrea Melloni,Politecnico di Milano,Italy

3:45pm Day 2 workshop closing